Winnie van der Rijn is a multi-disciplinary artist of opportunity– collecting materials, experimenting with techniques and pursuing her curiosities. Her art practice includes textiles, sculpture, collage and collaboration (which she considers its own art form). She plays well with others. Winnie actively exhibits her work throughout the United States and internationally.

A life long learner, Winnie graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1989 with a BA in Sociology. She has studied printmaking, sculpture, metalsmithing and Marxist theory. In addition, Winnie has explored weaving, machine knitting, bookmaking, altars, exploding picture boxes, automata, shoe making, millinery, sewing, fusing, stamping, metal weaving, resin, riveting, precious metal clay and mixed media. She is wildly curious about how things are made.

Winnie, a seventh generation Californian, is currently based in Boston, MA. She and her husband are redefining what it means to be an empty nesters.

2021 The Jugaad Project interview with Urmila Mohan “Damage as Opportunity: The Art of Winnie van der Rijn.” http://thejugaadproject.pub/winnie-van-der-rijn

2019 Textile Arts Center interview https://textileartscenter.com/feature/air-cycle-10-artist-spotlight-in-conversation-with-winnie-van-der-rijn

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