Battle Ready

My Body. My Choice. Uterine Armor 1
vintage french chemise with hand formed metal uterus
permanent collection Chateau Orquevaux, Orquevaux France

With Girded Loins. Uterine Armor 2
hand stitched bloomers + hand formed metal uterus

Fit To Be Tied. Uterine Armor 3
hand made (machine stitched) bloomers + hand formed metal uterus

Business Casual. Uterine Armor 4
repurposed menswear/leftover shirt meat patchworked and made into bloomers + embroidered uterus

My Body My Business/Private Practice/Suit of Armor. Uterine Armor 6
bloomers constructed from patchwork patriarchal resideue (shirt meat + collars + cuffs) + embroidered uterus

Exoskeleton/Protective Shell. Uterine Armor 5
woven wire bloomers + woven wire uterus

Enemies At The Gate/My Body Is A Sovereign Nation. Uterine Armor 7
vintage french bloomers + street sweeper bristles + rust + handmade uterus

Armed To The Teeth/Looks Can Be Deceiving. Uterine Armor 8
vintage french bloomers + embellishments + hand formed metal uterus

Shame On You/Soft Armor
embroidered vintage bloomers (feat Donald Trump’s infamous pussy transcript)
permanent collection Tiny Pricks Project


• February 19, 2023

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