Battle Ready

The Dirty Dozen. The Unmentionables.

After the fall of Roe v Wade and the Dobb’s decision I was compelled to start making uterine armor. I started with some bloomers and chemise found in a thrift store in France. I researched the history of bloomers and the suffrage movement and the bifurcation of skirts which lead to greater freedom for women. Then I learned how to pattern and hand stitch bloomers. Then I repeated the process machine sewing and using left over shirt meat from dismantling the patriarchy. It’s for our daughters and granddaughters and nieces and friends. The government simply cannot be allowed to exercise eminent domain over women’s bodies. We must be battle ready. 

My Body. My Choice. Uterine Armor 1
vintage french chemise + hand formed metal uterus
permanent collection Chateau Orquevaux, Orquevaux France

With Girded Loins. Uterine Armor 2
hand stitched bloomers + hand formed metal uterus

Fit To Be Tied. Uterine Armor 3
hand made (machine stitched) bloomers + hand formed metal uterus

Business Casual. Uterine Armor 4
repurposed menswear/leftover shirt meat patchworked and made into bloomers + embroidered uterus

My Body My Business/Private Practice/Suit of Armor. Uterine Armor 6
bloomers constructed from patchwork patriarchal residue (shirt meat + collars + cuffs) + embroidered uterus

Exoskeleton/Protective Shell. Uterine Armor 5
woven wire bloomers + woven wire uterus

Enemies At The Gate/My Body Is A Sovereign Nation. Uterine Armor 7
vintage french bloomers + street sweeper bristles + rust + handmade uterus

Armed To The Teeth/Looks Can Be Deceiving. Uterine Armor 8
vintage french bloomers + embellishments + hand formed metal uterus
private collection

Laid Bare/In the Midst of the Modern Panopticon. Uterine Armor 9
dissolving bloomers + repurposed menswear + hand formed metal uterus

As My Rights Are Washed Away/ My Body Is A Sovereign Nation. Uterine Armor 10
repurposed menswear + hand formed uterus + dissolving stars representing the states that are washing away my reproductive rights.

Tactical Survival/Prophylaxis. Uterine Armor 11
camouflage bloomers + hand formed uterus + tactical tool belt with $$, drinks tests, rape whistle, defense spray, spermicide, condoms, vintage self defense manual, plan B emergency contraception

Lady Liberty. Uterine Armor 12
vintage French chemise + visible mending + European cutwork embroidery + hand formed metal uterus + nipple covers

Uterine Armor for dollls
vintage doll bloomers with hand stitched and handform uterus

Shame On You/Soft Armor
embroidered vintage bloomers (feat Donald Trump’s infamous pussy transcript)
permanent collection Tiny Pricks Project


• February 19, 2023

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