How to Play Well with Others

In collaboration with Noah Pica during our residency at the Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn (Oct 2018-June 2019)

Our individual work is aligned; similar materials, similar interests. Our approaches and skillsets are completely different. Together we are creating something entirely new. This project is an experiment in collaboration.

We make men’s shirts with soluble material. How far can we push this fabrication? Does the patriarchy dissolve with the fabric? Does masculinity? Does Gender? What’s next?

Washed Boy – activated by Eli van der Rijn 8/24/19 in the fountain at Washington Square Park, NY
private collection



Net (worth) Boy
private collection

collaboration diary-

The Hand Off/Taking Turns/Merging Practices – collaborating with Noah

Before we begin I’m filled with anticipation & anxiety.

a sampling of what’s running through my head…
What if i fall short?
What if i don’t live up to expectation ?
What if we don’t actually work well together?

a sampling of text messages from noah…
“Don’t worry about it Winnie, it’s gonna be great.”
“I’m handing it off to you Monday.”
“Winnie, it’s not done. I’ll have it to you Friday.”
“All I have to do is the sleeves.”
“All I have to do is re set the collar.”
“All I have to do is have the buttons attached.”
“I’ll pick it up Monday.”
“I didn’t come in Sunday so I’ll take it in tomorrow.”
“You’ll have it Wednesday…”

What I’ve learned collaborating with Noah

If you want to collaborate you need to be patient & flexible.
If you want to collaborate you need to free your ego.
If you want to collaborate you need to change your thinking from I and me to us and we.


• September 18, 2019

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