How to Use Up Scrap

nose to tail art (or rather collar to cuff) when you commit to using all the scrap you generate

chains of the patriarchy
private collection


domestication of the patriarchy
repurposing residual shirt meat as quilt. domestic. inert. flaccid.
private collection

byproduct/ patriarchal sausage/ final consumption/ eat me
last scraps of shirt meat as linked sausage.
private collection

objectification of the patriarchy
repurposing residual shirt meat as decoration. trapped. objectified. impotent.
private collections


I posit that the power in menswear is in the seams …so what if I only used the seams? can I usurp the power? concentrate it? reform it?

deboning of the patriarchy 1


deboning of the patriarchy 2
private collection


finding my voice/ all the things i cannot say/ i will not be silenced
chainmail gorget (throat armor)
private collection



• April 6, 2021

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